Community Outreach & Information Sharing in 3 Simple Steps!

Add Contacts offers an easy interface to add clients for mass-text messaging. Quickly add a cellphone # of program participants and any first language preference as clients join or with a handy group-data uploader.

Write Message

Create a message to one or all of clients as you need to reach using our easy text interface.

You can send a message from your computer or on your own mobile device.


Click send to instantly deliver the message to your client.

The system allows for client responses as well so there’s no need for a staff to have a dedicated cellphone to connect. was specifically designed with a project partnership with Immigrant Services Society of BC to find a way to reduce the burden of communications challenges refugees and immigrants face every day. is a fast and reliable way to ensure everyone gets the same information and dispell confusion and misinformation. It can also quickly provide a touch point for opportunities that exist in your programs or alert your clients when media or announcements are made by a regulatory body that appear to impact certain applications.

And can be delivered in first-language - instantly.

There are so many ways open and fast communication can improve your community engagement and outreach while eliminating the influx of clients distressed about a rumour.